Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pre-Jennifer Tales [Paula Parkstone/Jenny's Mom]:


In the interest of
setting the record straight I'd like to confirm exactly what took place at our house on a certain Summer night, in the year 1969. The kid across the street, the people next store {The Carpenter's} and our good friend, Mrs. Murphy, have ALL told the story of my public nudity [indecent exposure/and, lewd conduct], and it's aftermath, which left me in the mud.

As Marianne Moore said, "To be Fallen is to be// in
Paradise and not know it." ****

Now, it's my turn.

I will be honest as
I can in my account, trying to put the reader in my head during every step of the way; hopefully, Jenny, [The Parkstone's daughter] will get to read this when she's a bit older, and starts hearing stories about her "Nudist Mother" and her "Mother's shameless behavior." Most of what Jenny hears, I'm sorry to say, will have the jarring, shocking, sense of truth all over it; regardless of the petty gossip she might come across, in adolescence. [Small towns are notorious for the running mouths of gossips...quite frankly, old biddies, with nothing better to do, but tell tales!] ****

And so, I'll
begin this true tale with Pete and I, returning from the Movies. I will let the young man, who lives across the street, [The author of, "A TRUE STORY"] stand, as "True" to the events that lead up to this night. When I was first shown his writing, concerning the story of my Fall (Just like Eve, in The Garden), I have to say, I was struck dumb with wondering how he could have brought the backyard events so clearly into view [To write, with such vivid description, and a sense of "BEING THERE..Well, it was truly remarkable.]

It was only later, much later,
that I found out that he had talked with Mrs. Murphy, and the young Carpenter's Son, all about what they'd witnessed, with their own eyes.
Everything the young man wrote, in, "A TRUE STORY," was TRUE! (as the
title suggests.) I add my confirmation of this; however, I do so, mostly, for Jenny's sake ---maybe, she can learn something from my mis-behavior on that HOT summer day.] (When I think back now upon how rosy-red my bottom turned in the sun, the least that Jenny can do is use a little sun-tan lotion, if she decides to partake of the Nude Beaches [which, seem to be flourishing, all along the coastal, and tropical, hot-spots.] )

What is of importance
[in this story of Pete and Paula Parkstone], is the simple fact of understanding the point-of-view, from a person who all of the action revolves around. This is what is missing from the true story [told by, a teenager, across the street.]This is what MUST be told, even at the risk of confirming the first written account. I must say, that I don't mind being The Object of this story, as long as it teaches the kids, in this small town [Floral Park, Long Island], what was wrong with my behavior, and that the punishment that I the crime [of Public Nudity], in the same way that, if I were a thief in Arabia (instead of, a one-day Nudist, on a chaise lounge, in the backyard], my hands would have been cut off. The punishment itself, is owed to the perceptiveness of my husband, Pete; who pretty-much thought up the entire set-piece of punishment... such a way, that the actions of the
previous afternoon, would all come vividly back to me, as punishment itself was being carried out. The Mud was the most stark of all the messages that came to me (the spanking..was all my idea, really). My "TRUE" punishment..yes, really began, on that hot, humid, Summer night..after we had returned from the local Movie House.

The End of PART ONE.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


After sitting in the cool movie-house for two solid hours, leaning against Pete's shoulder, with my left buttock
pressed against
the red velvet of the chair-seat and my right buttock raised, ever so slightly, in order to relieve the pain, mind,---like a run-on sentence--kept returning to the events of the previous afternoon;upon, just how much Mrs. Murphy SAW and just how many of the people on our block had listened (by now), to the story from her [concerning, Paula Parkstone's afternoon bush trimming;or, Paula's concluding, naked slumber, upon her tummy, upon the chaise], as it were.

At this
point, I was prepared to tell it ALL to Pete:

Just tell him, I told
myself, before he hears it from someone else. Before, everything is completely out of your control, and you can't hide the sunburn any longer.

I wanted to STOP hiding the fact---the bare facts---because I
was so uncomfortable.There, in the Movie theater:

Just tell him now, I
thought, as my butt rubbed the red-velvet; stinging. Lean in, and whisper it in his ear;then, you can both get the hell out of here, and you can get out of these too-tight jeans, while in the car..on the way home..if you have to.

How I made it through the Movie ["Carnal
Knowledge"], I'll never know. Every time I worked my way back to the idea of "confessing" to Pete, something inside, or something from the Movie itself, held me back. I sat there, on my sore bottom, and gazed up at the screen, asking for this sexy movie..quite good be over..not speaking, or really hearing the convoluted dialogue..the false Male gaze, staring back at me, from the screen. I thought it would never end.

We arrived home, at exactly, 10:30 p.m.

soon as we'd walked into the hallway, the front door closing behind us, I ran upstairs and took off my jeans and the long-sleeve shirt and threw them both onto the bed. I ran, nude, with my ass burning, into the bathroom and slammed the door closed behind me. I ran the bathwater warm, and then switched over, quickly, to COLD; then, added some rose-scented, bath crystals and sat down on the rug-covered toilet seat, gently. Waiting for the tub to fill. I didn't even look to see if there were any towels in the bathroom. My mind was elsewhere, hovering between shame, and an unspoken rebelliousness.

When the tub
was full, I slowly lowered my body into the cool water, submerging myself fully, stretched out. I felt the tingle, two times over, along with the dissipating bubbles, upon my red back; my cherry-red buttocks. This was Heaven. My bottom, (if it could speak) would now by crying with tears of joy. The cool water was an instant balm (SooooGoooD, SOOOOgood), easing what was SOOOOooooo BAD!:

I truly felt as if I had
just come away from being spanked with a hairbrush; every time I sat down. The Sunburn was a punishment from the skies, from God, (as Mrs. Murphy, would be quick to point out). I'd have to say, I agree. I deserved that Sunburn. My fanny got warmed, but good! (TO BE CONTINUED). Thanks for reading!
~love, Paula.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paula's Story [Part Three]:

When the bath was over and I was rising from the tub, I had decided
to tell Pete what was wrong with me and how things had happened. It was in that still moment as I gazed at my nude body, revealed in the full-length mirror I realized every towel was missing from the shelf; and, my terry-cloth robe had been taken off the hook on the door. I was left with the image in the mirror, of myself as I was:

Dripping wet, head-to-toe, and stark naked. A pink bottom was now joined by a slowly growing crimson face...and, would be later when I left the
bedroom, as naked as I was,...alone, before my reflection.

I was
still unaware Pete knew all; I just figured he had taken the robe and the towels and put them in the washing machine.

When I opened the
door a crack and peeked out it dawned on me that Pete was well aware of what I'd done the day before, and why I was covering my ass now; why I'd sat for two hours, wiggling in my seat; and, why I laid on my tummy, reading the newspaper, this morning...and, why, I'd laid nude upon a chaise lounge in our backyard...oh no, I thought to myself, getting flush as a red tomato, heat rising in my face, Pete knows I have a sore bottom!


There, on the bed:

The chaise, in a reclined
position. My face became beet-red with the extent of my exposure; or, I should say "over-exposure" (seeing it, once again, in the bright light of the bedroom).

I must say, I began to feel angry, and somewhat
rebellious, after finding out that all of my clothes were missing from the bedroom as well [including, Pete's clothes, and underwear.]

As I
went through the bedroom door, and down the stairs I kept this stance, and in my own mind I felt proud of the way in which I was holding my head up, and not giving Pete the satisfaction of seeing me feeling guilty, or ashamed.

Wearing nothing, but a big smile, and stamping
my bare feet, one-by-one, down the wooden stairs, I reached the last step and turned right into the hallway and stood under the archway of the living room as if I were Venus, rising from a clam shell: hands on hips; butt, cocked, provocatively; breasts, full and uplifted in the heat; nipples, visibly, at attention.

There was Pete, sitting on the
Love Seat, looking somewhat stunned by my stance in the hallway. I felt glorious, instead of ashamed...and, this hit Pete with a speechless wonder.

Pete motioned me into the living room with an upraised
hand; a twisted, index finger. I padded onto the plush carpet, barefoot. I stood before him; hands on hips. I was determined not to lose my ground, to lose my stance, or lose the justification for my nakedness of the previous afternoon.

This man I'd married, only two weeks ago, twirled his finger in the air,
motioning me to turn, full around. His head (I judged), was just about even with the crack in my ass; just about even with my red bottom. The moment of truth had arrived, and I was happy to oblige. I turned myself, slowly around, on my feet, and bent over as far as I could, cleaving my crack, and, my bottom out-thrust, right there, so near to his face.

"I guess you know ALL now, huh?," I said.

Out of
nowhere, the cheeks of my ass felt the hard leather of a sandal. Pete was spanking my bottom with one of the sandals I'd dropped by the foot of the chaise-lounge.

Holding my arm [not at all, forcefully], he walked
me towards the front door; and, while doing so, spanked my already warmed fanny, with his open palm.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Paula's Story [Part Four]:

As I look back at this now, it seems to me, all of the objects that were revealed and hidden, in the house---the clothes,
tucked away in another room; the chaise lounge, placed, so wonderfully, in the reclined-position, atop, the bed!; the fact that Pete sat upon the "Love Seat"; the cool bath, with it's cooling waters; the absence of towels; the mirror, (revealing my, naked, two-toned epidermis, [wherein one side was pale, the other, quite crimson]; the absence, once again, of a robe to cover myself; and, finally, the lights, turned up full, in the bedroom (Only now, remembering that the shades were up on
the windows, and the Carpenter's could have seen ME, as I scurried around the bedroom, in the all-together [that would be, Butt-Naked], looking for my missing clothes---getting exercise, just like their son, who I'd got a good peek at the night before my "bare-bottom gardening & Chaise Lounge-nude sleepy-time high-noon")--Whew!

All of these things were "set"as symbols of my misbehavior; brought out into the full-light, and revealed to my own (over-excited) consciousness.

In their separate and dizzying parts I was quickly taking this in, along with each slow-motion-like slap of my bare feet upon the wood floor,...following, onward, into the full meaning I'd place upon this fall from grace--and, ultimately, pull me up sharp, with another and another, resounding smack, upon
my bottom. Pete's open palm was a quickened version of the high-noon eyes wide now, as we stood before the front door, the hall light shining down...held by the ear..and, another hard spank descending

And so, now that the clothes I had stripped off, and discarded, were hidden from reach, I was inescapably faced with my own nakedness...

...the awareness of my own nakedness, within a community which goes about covered, dressed, and clothed. Not to do so, of course, would be illegal [the Crime: Indecent Exposure/Lewd Behavior/Public Nudity], and something of which I should be Justly Punished.

I was clean from the tub. My skin, and hair, were shiny-wet.
My reddened backside, was stinging, with each full spank, from
Pete's open hand..using his palm, with swift and hard smacks, and putting emphasis upon each cheek, left and
cleave..CRACK!..SMACK!..SPANK! he marched me into the bright hallway.

Pete informed me afterward, long after midnight, as we
cuddled together that, "The spanking was not part of his plan: It was only when I had thrust my ass, outward, in close proximity to his hand, (the hand which held the sandal) he realized it was only just."

I admitted I had acted like a rebellious child, and Pete's response to my behavior was quite right. [There I was, showing him my rosy bottom; shaking, my bare ass-cheeks, right in front of him; and, plainly taunting him, with a glee that cannot be denied.]

(Thinking about the spectacle I'd made of myself, in all of this, I'm quite surprised Pete didn't just grab me, from around the waist and pull me over his knees, in order to spank my rosy bottom, good and proper-like.)

My wet skin from the bath was definitely part of the plan. [On the afternoon of my misbehavior I'd used the garden hose to wet down my tank-top. This, of course, was the prelude to my "Nude Sunbathing."]

Now, with my skin as wet as it was during my open-air shower, our living room was in a position to become representative/symbol of the backyard:

Once again, I was naked. Once again, I was, totally, wet. Once again, the sandals, the tank-top, and the Mini-Skirt, were all discarded, removed (this time, near the "Love Seat). Once again, I was nearing a doorway----only, this time, I wasn't making an escape from watchful eyes. This time, as my fanny became even more red than the day before, I was being lead by the arm, out into the external world of the street where we lived~~that's right (!), I was being thrust, into the world, naked again.

As I said earlier, Pete had cooked up my punishment so that it'd fit the crime. It was with this in mind, that there was ample justification for, once again, breaking the law against Indecent Exposure. It had to be PUBLIC. Without this, no lesson would be learned.

From now on there would be no more hiding; no more covering up.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paula's Story [Part Five]

Without a choice in the matter Pete marched me towards the
front door, smacking my bare bottom along the way. Hard to believe, but until we'd reached the closed door, and he placed me in front of it, (spanking my ass, with two more, hard, smacks), I had no thought as to what would proceed from this. I truly thought, (as we stood in the hall) that he was going to turn off the hall light, and march me upstairs, spanking my butt, all the way into our bedroom, and lecturing me upon the shamelessness of my misbehavior, and giving my fanny the warming it deserved, regardless of the Sunburn I'd received. I truly played with this notion, even as I was being spanked toward the front door:

Pete would take me up the stairs, and throw the chaise
lounge on the floor---just toss it next the bed...and, with gusto, I'd position myself for rear-entry, followed by a backsides worth of Solar-cane, massaged liberally, upon each inflamed cheek...This, of course, was not to be. I was now entering Paradise; meeting up with my shadow, my "Fall."

I remember, porch-light
shut off, when Pete opened the door full. For a few moments, we both just stood there, looking outside; Pete, still holding my arm, standing in back of me, and gazing over my shoulder at the silent night and streetlights. All of a sudden, as if being awakened from a dream, I realized that anyone across the street, or passing by, on the sidewalk, could SEE ME...standing there, stark naked, under the overhead lights of the entryway. There was no way to cover myself. Tanned breasts, wet. Pubic bush, trimmed close, and matted-down in tub-water. Long legs, and a flat stomach. Cute, little, inny, of a belly-button. All of me, for anyone who cared to take a peek out their window, or walk by, drive-by, scooter-by...Oh, No!

SOOOooo embarrassing, shameful (as opposed to, "shameless")

..Pete, as quick and
swift and as hard as he could, gave my bare fanny, two more SMACKS!----SPANK, SPANK!----for GOOD LUCK, and Bon Voyage!!

By this
time, my ass was past scarlet [and, I was soon to be, "GONE WITH THE WIND"] This final spanking, in the doorway ---with, God knows, who watching every butt-smack---was the one that pushed me right across the threshold, and onto the porch. I let out a yelp, I'm sure, the entire block could hear. THEN without any further ado, Pete closed the door behind me, and locked it with a flip of the latch--[CLICK!].

soon as the door was closed, I turned right around, with my bare-ass facing the street, and started pounding on the front door, shouting, "PETE..PETE...OPEN THE DOOR..SOMEONE'S GONNA SEE ME..PLEASE, PETE..I'M SORRY..I"M SO EMBARRASSED..OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!..PLEASE..RIGHT NOW, PETE!"

I couldn't take the anger out of my
rebelliousness..Nude! My red sore..He spanked me..right out the door..Oh, "OPEN THE DOOR!!".

Pete responded by turning "ON"
the porch light. My nudity was now fully exposed..fully revealed..under bright lights. In a flash---literally!---I ran off of the porch.

All I could think of was ESCAPE..ESCAPE..[Exactly as it was, in the backyard, when I woke up in the chaise, on my tummy, with a Sunburn on my butt & back, and ran towards the basement doors..bent over, to pull them open, and the door slipped out of my hand..waking up the Carpenter kid, next store..who gazed over at my rosy bottom....Yes, no going back now. Only forward].

Escape! I ran off that front porch, scampering out
from under the lights, with my red bottom, glowing there, in the front yard and along the side of the house. I, with embarrassment and a butt blazing, crimson, for ALL TO SEE. I must have been quite a sight for anyone who cared to take a peek. Bare feet, across the lawn and into the side-yard..running for the back door with my short hairs, tingling; my skin getting goose flesh, and face, so heated, in blush...backside, to match!

When I reached the back door, the light went "OFF"..and,
the door was locked. Now, my only hope, was the backyard basement doors. I ran, desperate..NUDE IN PUBLIC...INDECENT...LEWD..into the backyard, and faced the culmination of all my guilt, and MY punishment...ALL..ALL of one quick FALL, and a SPLASH!

thought the use of the kiddie pool (provided, by Mrs. Murphy) and the mud would highlight the fact that I had sat in the dirt and pulled the weeds; cleaving my crack, and exposing my anus..along with the dirt that covered my ass cheeks, in the process [my backyard misbehavior, included, trimming a bush, and pulling up some weeds, while wearing my black mini-skirt, without panties. How was I to know, that the Carpenter Kid was sleeping through it all...I wanted him to see me..I admit it. It was like "YOU SHOW ME YOURS..I'LL SHOW YOU MINE"...I was angry with Pete, for staying in the City overnight..working late..The Kid next door, exercising in his room, naked..those Jumping Jacks..Knee bends..The shade going up!..He got me all hot, and bothered..I was reciprocating, that's all..] Afterward, after I'd bent over, wiggling my ass, pulling up weeds and throwing them over my shoulder, I got the garden hose, and washed myself off. The, mud filled, Kiddie pool, was also highlighting the "DIRTY" aspect of what I'd done in the backyard (Super-XX-rated, as it was!)

The set-piece of my Punishment was a
sort of review of the previous afternoon, in reverse:

from the bath, smelling of Rose petals and now, quite suddenly, I was mud-covered. I tripped and fell into this little trap, this plastic pool, with a buffed moan of defeat. My bare breasts and hair, dripping, in warm mud. I was revealed completely in my actions:

And, all of this was spilling into my
consciousness, as I continued to wallow on my stomach, ass in the air...not caring anymore, resigned. Slippery when wet! Sprawled, in the pool, on my tummy, I gave up all pretensions to rebelliousness. The punishment was long overdue. Now, I was finally paying the price.

The night was humid, and hot. Not a leaf was
stirring. All was still. The yard, became a small patch of pitch darkness, in a Universe overturned. My body, bottom's up, became a sort-of Moral Imperative in seeing Justice done. The sides, and the bottom of the pool were slippery, and the pool itself, seemed a perfect fit. I tried to raise myself up from the pool, and found myself slipping right back down again. I couldn't get a firm footing no matter how hard I tried. I was soaking wet, to begin with, and the mud was only adding to my predicament. It was a "Bad-Girl-Case"of total immersion; splish-splash, down I went, smack-dab upon my muddy, face, covered now, in mud; dripping, from each eyelash and the hair on my head. My bare feet, dirty as ever..sloshing, as I fall once again, up-ended, with both legs spread...wide, shame-faced, Paula, getting down in the mud...both, red cheeks, muddy and warm; muddy and sore!

I give up, I
thought to myself, as I tried to lift myself up. once again, No use even trying to get out of the pool... and then, turned over onto my back. The feel of the warm mud, upon my rosy bottom, felt nice (especially, after the spanking I'd received). Then, if all this weren't enough exposure, Mrs. Murphy, from next-store, turned on her backyard lights!

I quickly
looked over to the Carpenter's house, and saw a kitchen light go out and a curtain being pulled back as if someone were peeking out the window. Well, well..looks like BOTH SIDES, were watching. Well, if Mrs. Carpenter wanted to call the Police, now was her chance. She was probably so shocked at what she was witnessing she couldn't move from the window.

Fully exposed, once again, in the
backyard. Only this time, I'd gotten a proper comeuppance. There was no hiding the fact now. Everything was right out there, in the open:

1969, and newly married two weeks ago! My two neighbors were catching me with more than my pants down. Truth to tell:

I felt nothing now, but a red-faced
shame; which was, thankfully, covered in mud. I had to do something. At all costs, I had to keep my dignity.And so, as if to highlight my predicament, and join in the recognition of a just punishment, I let go -- of everything:

I spread my legs out, as far as I could;
spread them, with my hands on my butt, peeling back my butt-crack, and lifted myself up, upon both knees, exposing my open pussy and perineum, for the Carpenter's eyes only! ..I know they were watching, just know it. Well, let 'em see!

I swished and swayed in
the pool; covering my bottom with my muddy hands; running my hands over my bare breasts.. both nipples, between each finger, being tweaked. Then, turning over on my stomach, and lifting my ass up from the center of the pool, I flashed a muddy "MOON" at the people next store. [There was still a bit of taunt in me, I know, but I couldn't help myself.] I stretched out and lifted my ass high; both buttocks, gleaming, in the half-light of Mrs. Murphy's backyard.

[I awaited the
sound of sirens and the clasp of a pair of hand-cuffs upon each wrist and being dragged off to the Police Station, bare-ass naked where, (I'm sure), I'd sit on a cold, metal bench, wrapped in a blanket; cold metal, biting my sore bottom, caked in nude body, brown in dried mud; flakes falling to the floor, as I scrunch on the bench; a muddy, beet-red, ass...Feeling foolish, as I wait to be processed and jailed and fined for my naughty
escapades...Standing in front of the Judge, bare-bottomed, in a police-issued tee-shirt, barely covering my rosy ass!]

...All my worries, were for naught.


My troubles were behind me now.

I stretched
out, not caring..feeling kinda naughty still, if the truth be told...I was getting kinda hot, there in the pool. The mud was caressing my private parts, also...geez!..oops..I was kind of tingly, all-over..

Seems that, I was ashamed, and sorry...and HOT, HOT, all
at once; commingling with my shame there was a definite naughty streak coursing through my blood...ohhhAAaaaahhh...I never felt so Good, or Bad, or I turned and presented myself, exposed a naughty-nude-Model in a Men's Magazine, spreading shamelessly...butt upthrust, with the asshole, pink and puckered, for the camera {CLICK!..CLICK!}

I splashed my face with the warm mud. I ran my
hands over my ass, pushing the mud up into my ass-crack; and then, taking my hands away, and lifting my ass in the air, and blowing Mrs. Murphy a kiss, as I shake my muddy hole at the Carpenter's; and, Mrs. Murphy comes out into the yard, and stands, with both hands planted on her hips; gazing at me sternly, but showing the beginnings of a smile also...Naughty, Naughty, Paula..Here goes!

I wanted to be covered
completely..Oh, Mrs. Murphy, I'm sorry...I'm so wet. I reached back with my hand, salty tears streaming now, and put my head down...I couldn't look at Mrs. Murphy. I felt a shame so deep. I wanted to crawl beneath a rock; or, spank my OWN bare fanny with a bush-branch; with one of the bush-branches I clipped, while bending over, showing-off my asshole: Raising my backside up now, raising it as high as I can, while spreading my legs... Mrs. Murphy, stunned and (YES!), amused, by my naughtiness, my raunchiness.

Salty tears, and I reach back my

SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..Spank, across each, parted..asshole puckering, as I let Mrs. Murphy watch on; knowing she saw everything in the yard...everything I did...Even when I'd unclasped the mini-skirt, and turned over, onto my stomach and fell asleep, she knew. She let me sleep, and didn't call the Police. As I slept on, and she could see my two buttocks, turning pink, in the noonday sun. She saw it all, as my bare bottom, my warm fanny, got red, and sore. Sunburned, and beet-red. I gave my muddy butt one more, hard, spank; then, turned over, onto my back, supine, and spread my legs, again.

Pete, appeared out of nowhere, holding a
big bath-towel in his hands. When I saw him, I started to cry all over again, and quickly brought my knees together. I'd gotten a little out of hand, and now, all I could do was lay there, mud-covered, and pray he didn't see me, spreading my legs, and pushing mud into my ass-crack...or, giving myself a spanking, for that matter.

Pete walked
over and covered my shoulders and breasts with the towel. I looked up at him, all doe-eyes, and all I could think of was:

He's still here.
He's still with me, after all I did. He must know everything..Flashing the next-store-neighbor's Son...getting nude, in the backyard..hiding my Sunburn..everything! And yet, he's still here; lifting me in his arms, with his two, strong hands, clasping me, under each knee....a hand on my back, supporting me..supporting me..because he cares; because, he loves me.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paula's Story~~PART SIX:

I stood there, my body, gleaming in mud, and turned myself around, facing Mrs. Murphy. As Pete set me, back on my feet, the towel had dropped away, leaving me naked, once again. I picked up the towel, and looking Mrs. Murphy, right in the eyes, I began to towel off my bare bottom. I removed all the now, without any doubt, she could plainly see the reddened condition of my backside...[Sunburn, Spanking, Sandals..all of it!] My rear-end was now clean of all mud.

Bare, as ever.

With my back facing her now, and Pete standing next to me, I cocked out my bottom, and bent over slightly. She let out a small gasp, when she saw the crimson shade of each buttock (a bit more rosy than a day ago.) Mrs. Murphy, let out a whoop of surprise as I bent over just a bit more, and she got a close-up view of my pink asshole..gleaming, wet, along the crack. I could feel her eyes upon me, burning a new hole uninhibited behavior, had just gone up a notch, right down to my toes; right into my
crotch...widened, and unafraid now. All cares were slowly slipping away as I planted each foot akimbo, and exposed my
perineum...vulva to anus, I was completely nude, for Mrs. Murphy's eyes!

Then, reaching back, with my own hand, I gave myself as hard a spanking as I could, counting to "TEN," as I did so. Pete, at first, was speechless; however, he soon found himself counting along with me. My voice, rose into the air, in pitch, with each sound slap.

When I got to "TEN," I rubbed my bottom with my hand, and then fell into Pete's arms. He held me close, as our mouths met; our lips heated, and pushing each other forward.

He reached down, holding my back, moving his hands downward. Cupping my butt, both buttocks, in his large hands, I felt nothing but safe, one left in the world...just the two of us.

I gazed over Pete's shoulder, and looked to The Carpenter's house. The window shade was still pulled back. Their lights were out. Someone was watching, for sure. Then, a small flash of
light and the window shade went down. [Later, I would find out that Mr. Carpenter, took some 8-by-10 glossies of my fall into the
mud..and, the aftermath.] Ohhhahh, Pete, continued to caress my fanny in his hands.

It was time for me to do something quick : either run down
stairs, and into the basement, or continue standing here, nude, in my clothed husband's arms..

..(Married two lonely, I was, at night..when you worked late, and stayed overnite, in the city. I was angry, and there was that Carpenter kid, next store; so buff, and nude, doing his exercises, and not caring who saw. That kid pulled up the shade, on purpose. He wanted me to see him. I know it. Well..It doesn'tmatter anymore..doesn't matter at all. I'm the one who was

wrong..hiding my naughtiness, my sore..Beet-red
bare-bottom..THAT's ME!)

I lean in, and whisper in Pete's ear:

"Hey, Pete..How 'bout one for GOOD LUCK?"

"Are you sure?"

"Of course..One for GOOD LUCK, and ONE FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR. I'll give you two more, as insurance against indecent exposure. I couldn't deserve anything less."

Pete continued to squeeze my backside, rubbing a little more vigorously, when I suggested two more spanks.

"What's going on, Kids?," Mrs. Murphy asked. Still watching.

"She says she wants ONE FOR GOOD LUCK and ONE FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR," Pete replied.

"Well, I fancy she won't sit for a week, even without the TWO more. I say, you better take her up on it."

"Are you sure that's reason enough?"

"Listen, Pete : She's already gotten her licks from the sun. And, even then, she went about hiding the fact, and suffering the pain. She thought nothing of NOT TAKING REPONSIBILITY for her actions. Her behavior,Pete, was shameless. She should be ashamed of herself..but I think she's still feeling sexy and sassy...naughty and loving it, I'd say..Her fanny could use a little more warming...just my long as you're asking. I say, give her what she wants! Spank those cheeks..good and proper!"

Then, Mrs. Murphy, for all of her tough talk, chuckled out loud. She stood, laughing eyes, giving the go-ahead.

"It's okay, Pete...go ahead...ONE FOR GOOD LUCK and ONE FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR," I told him,..

...and then, as quick as a cat, scutterling after its tail, I placed my legs, somewhat akimbo, and bent over slightly..just enough, for my rosy backdoor to reveal itself...visibly, puckering up, with anticipation..["Oh, Paula!," Mrs. Murphy, exclaimed, as loud as she could, "You're absolutely shameless....and, looking for a good fanny warming, I'd say. Oh, ...for shame, young lady!"]

"Well, I guess that's how it's gonna be. Okay, goes."

He brought his strong, large hand, backwards,
swinging in an arch, and then brought it home..SPANK!--right across both buttocks...hard."AAwwwwhhOOHHHH!"

I jumped forward, losing my footing, and sprawled onto the grass, ass up!.

"That's for GOOD BEHAVIOR!," he said.

He came up to me then, lifted me to my feet and took me in his arms. We kissed. I opened my mouth, taking in his soft, and sweet, playing there, with me. He reached down, with his back was facing Mrs. Murphy, and placed his warm palm, between my legs. He started to diddle my clit, rubbing in a circular motion, and giving it a tug..rubbing, then entering my pussy..index finger.."OOOhhhAAhhhwwwwOOOHHHhh".

He rested then, placing his palm into my crotch..cupping my sex, in his warm...holding it there, as we kissed. I couldn't help getting wet. Oh, God...I'm so HOT!...Oh, I'm going to cum..just know it..(Pete, I want your cock...) "Are you ready,

I bent over, far this time, exposing my pussy and asshole..I didn't
care. Mrs. Murphy could see it all now..I was in 7th. Heaven..And,
still, managed to learn my lesson..because, I was so lost in my self,
I'd "FALLEN" so far, I didn't see the coming spank when it
arrived. I was so Hot, so stimulated, that when I bent over..I wasn't thinking. The target was exposed, and ready!!(God! I'm coming...!)


I sprawled forward; shooting pain, mixed with a rolling orgasm..upon my asshole; both,ass-cheeks blazing!

There I was, on the backlawn, with my ass in the air,~~ butt-high and burning~~ and I could'nt be more open. The orgasm was beginning (Pete got me all hot and bothered!), and there was no turning it off. I rolled onto my back and lifted my legs into the air. I grabbed each butt-cheek, by the hands, and spread out my long legs. Pete came up to me and I rolled over onto my tummy again. I got up, on my knees, and presented my hind-end, for his inspection..I didn't care anymore.

Before picking me up, by the ear, Pete gave my bare bottom ONE MORE, hard, spank...dead-center, across my swollen backside. ("That's it, Pete!," called our nieghbor, "Looks like you got just what you wanted, Paula..Bless my Irish soul, you're gonna need a pillow to sit with!"~~She was chuckling up a storm now, watching with a knowing twinkle in her eyes. )

My face felt as hot as a Winter Furnace...embarassed, now, beyond telling, my eyes fell to the basement doors. I'd gone a bit too far and, there was no blaming Pete for the spanking me proper...

"That one," Pete said, "was for NO-MORE-NAUGHTINESS."

He lifted me, holding my earlobe, between his fingers...he spanked my bottom, three more time, quick. "THAT'S FOR MRS. MURPHY..WHO I'M SURE WOULD LIKE TO GET HER SPANKS IN TOO."

...His open palm fell hard..left cheek, right cheek, center-cleave!...

I bowed my head, so embarrassed, now.

Just before I scampered down the basement stairs, Pete gave my bare more.."That's for being way-too comfortable in your out-door nudity!"

"AAAhhhOhhhhh"!...(That one hurt:..Bad!)


Well..I'd gotten exactly what I asked for,and then some. After a while Pete joined me upstairs, where he found me lying upon my stomach, still nude...and, waiting for him. I'd taken a shower, and washed away all the mud; no longer dirty, only red and it should be, I suppose, for all my misbehavior.

My cute bubble-butt was a patchwork of crimson. Pete got out some cold-cream, and massaged, gently.

Our lovely, Jennifer, was born 9 months later; conceived that night (after much talk and, much love-making. My hot exploits would not be repeated. Mrs. Murphy, still, after 2 years,
refers to me as, "EVE."

This concludes, the story of my Fall. Yes, it is Paradise, as Marianne Moore so rightly put it. Sometimes, we just
can't escape our comeuppance..we can't hide the truth, or the
facts..bare, as they are.

This story is a lesson for my daughter, JEN.

(Next: a letter to Jennifer)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Every Story has an Author:

So what comes after "Paradise”?

For Paula, the "after"-time meant a owning-up, a redemptive moment, in which to give voice to her experience. She does this, by writing a letter to her daughter (Jennifer Parkstone), who was conceived on the very night Paula fell into the mud-bath-pool, and in turn, gave herself a
spanking, right there, in the backyard in front of Mrs. Murphy and her husband, Pete.

It is, in this authors opinion, a sweet letter; a letter, which captures not only the significance of her actions and the consequences to follow, but also, in it’s personal nature, speaks to a
Generation of people ~~ young, bold, and rebellious ~ ~ who dared to chart a course “different,” from the one which proceeded it: The 1960’s and early 70’s are brought into play with a self-serving tinge; however, the morality of the tale cannot be minimized.

When Paula wrote this letter, she had planned upon holding onto it, along with the 6 Part personal essay, [“In Her Own Words.”] She wanted, very much, for Jennifer to read them one day. Knowing the reality of small town life, Paula knew one day her escapades in the backyard would reach the ears of her impressionable, young, daughter.

Between the kid across the street, Mr. Carpenter’s glossy photos in Gallery Magazine’s “Girl Next Store,” Mrs. Carpenter’s Son, (who got caught doing his exercise’s, while stark naked, by Mrs. Carpenter [his Mother], only two days after Paula’s fall into the mud!

[Ron Carpenter, on the evening of his own comeuppance, was doing his deep-knee-bends, once again. (It’s to be noted, Paula’s speculation
concerning Ron’s motives were completely on the money: The young man, was very much aware of his window shade, and the visible exposure he was presenting to the “girl next-store.”) So stirred was he by Paula’s abrupt scamper down the basement stairs, as exposed as he the previous night, Ron felt a bit of reciprocation was in order.

Of course, being as thoughtless in his stirrings as Paula was, only made him more forgetful of his exhibitionism and the very real consequences he was bound to meet.

It only took the opening of a door:

The door he had completely forgotten to lock, hasty in getting undressed, just as night fell; knowing Mrs. Parkstone was in her bedroom, watching.. waiting. Looking across, to the Parkstone house, he could see the bedroom light turn off. Ron got up from his bed and pulled off his tee-shirt and pulled off his sweat pants. He was bare-foot, and not wearing any boxers, so within seconds, his clothes were dumped next to the bed; and, in all his glory, his muscles were rippling with pride.. Nothing like a tight, six-pack, and an even tighter pair of buttocks, he thought, turning himself around, as he stretched...

...When Mrs. Carpenter opened his bedroom door, and walked in, Ron was just getting into his deep-knee-bends. His ass was facing the window, and he was just rising from a crouch.
“Oh, my Lord!.. Ronald Carpenter, what do you think you’re doing!

He was so oblivious to her entering. He didn't even hear her scream out. He was slowly rising onto his feet, standing up, with his bare ass out-thrust. Mrs. Carpenter had no trouble seeing what her son was up to..
“Cover yourself, now,” she yelled, staring at his exposed penis.. fully erect. “You should be ashamed, Ron.

Even though, Ron was in college and an adult, Mrs. Carpenter still took him by the ear, and gave his sweated-up bottom, five, good, hard smacks, before pulling down the shade.

But, that’s another story.]

This introduction must inevitably lead back to Paula Parkstone, and the letter she wrote for Jenny.

The Carpenter’s moved out of their house in 1972. Mrs. Murphy, who was a dear Irish neighbor, died in her sleep in 1972, and was a big help to Paula after Jenny’s birth.

As the kid across the street, I had a pretty good view of Paula Parkstone on that hot, Summer, night.

Jennifer (at, 16) passed this letter off to her best friend.. Who then passed it on to me~~ kid’s stuff, really. But hey, that’s another story too! (gotta love Ditto Machines!:)

Every story has to have an author. This one, at least, has someone to introduce it. Onward, with: “The Letter to Jenny” ~x~SinfullyAnon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Letter to Jennifer:


Dear Jennifer :

If you are reading these words then you've already read, "IN HER OWN WORDS." So.. I guess, you've found out just how naughty your Momma can be.

I don't know what came over me, possessed me, so. I can't explain it, even now. Sometimes, we do things, without thinking them through.

Remember, Jenn, you're never too old, to learn these kinds of lessons.

Things have become so "open," so free today..

I guess, that's what it's all about. People have always been a bit rebellious.. or, have had rebellious moments in their lives; they just want to do something HOT, or SHOCKING, or NAUGHTY, just to get a rise out of someone (or, maybe, they just want to have a bit of fun, and just get CARRIED AWAY.)

The moment comes--such paradise--and, then it's gone.

Live well. Think before you act. Use Sunscreen, for God's sake.

Also: Watch out for Cameras:

That darn, Mr. Carpenter, next store!!

Wouldn't you know it. His wife wasn't home, on the night I was spanked into the backyard, and fell in the mud-pool. He, [Mr. Carpenter] was at the window, with his Kodak, flashing away. He sent the pictures to Gallery Magazine, and they published them!!!

I was, in the 2nd. Issue, as "THE GIRL NEXT-STORE"---a new feature, which became very popular, (at least, according to you Father.)

I, for one, was completely mortified, embarrassed...and I wish that Pete would have taken me over his knee and just spanked me good & proper!!!

In any event, all's well, that ends well--(done!), as the BARD said.

I told Pete, to run out, and buy up every copy he could find. Mr. Carpenter, sent us the check for Seventy-Five Dollars, Gallery had paid him for those naughty photographs.

I probably shouldn't have, but I couldn't help enclosing the photos.

Take a good look, Jennifer:

The next time you get a hankering to go "Naked," (weather it's at a College frat party, or a Spring Break escapade----I've heard all sorts of stories lately) PROMISE me, you'll be a GOOD GIRL, and keep your clothes on!

If you fail at this, remember, dear heart, we'll still love you...yes, we will...BUT, you better expect to receive, from your NAUGHTY MOTHER, a very RED, and SORE, BARE BOTTOM!

It won't matter how old you are----I'll take you over my knee, and spank your, Beautiful, bare bottom, ever, ever, so GOOD and hard.

Like me, you'll use a pillow, as a cushion.. and, cold-cream as a balm, for your shamelessness.

What I promise you, (and I've made the same promise to Pete) is that you'll never see me in the backyard, or anywhere else, in the buff. If I fail in this PROMISE...I told Pete, he can take me across his knee, and give my bare backside a real spanking.

And so, that's where I leave this LETTER to you.

Darling, Jennifer.. I can hear you in the next room:

You're in your bedroom, getting ready, getting dressed to go out with your girlfriends. You got the tape-player going.. I like that song: "Oh Baby, I love your wayyyyaaaay.. every dayaaayaa..wanna tell you I love your wayyyaa..everydaaayaa..."

.. I always forget to ask you who the singer is.

I can see you, all grown up, getting out there in the world. I worry. I just know, you're going to hear stories ----God, what a small town breeds: TALK,TALK, TALK---and, I wanted to set the record straight. Just for you. I'll hand you this packet...and, hopefully, you'll forgive my naughtiness. I was shameless, but I was also punished. I love you, Jenny-girl.

Be careful, out there.


Your Mom...always.