Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paula's Story [Part Five]

Without a choice in the matter Pete marched me towards the
front door, smacking my bare bottom along the way. Hard to believe, but until we'd reached the closed door, and he placed me in front of it, (spanking my ass, with two more, hard, smacks), I had no thought as to what would proceed from this. I truly thought, (as we stood in the hall) that he was going to turn off the hall light, and march me upstairs, spanking my butt, all the way into our bedroom, and lecturing me upon the shamelessness of my misbehavior, and giving my fanny the warming it deserved, regardless of the Sunburn I'd received. I truly played with this notion, even as I was being spanked toward the front door:

Pete would take me up the stairs, and throw the chaise
lounge on the floor---just toss it next the bed...and, with gusto, I'd position myself for rear-entry, followed by a backsides worth of Solar-cane, massaged liberally, upon each inflamed cheek...This, of course, was not to be. I was now entering Paradise; meeting up with my shadow, my "Fall."

I remember, porch-light
shut off, when Pete opened the door full. For a few moments, we both just stood there, looking outside; Pete, still holding my arm, standing in back of me, and gazing over my shoulder at the silent night and streetlights. All of a sudden, as if being awakened from a dream, I realized that anyone across the street, or passing by, on the sidewalk, could SEE ME...standing there, stark naked, under the overhead lights of the entryway. There was no way to cover myself. Tanned breasts, wet. Pubic bush, trimmed close, and matted-down in tub-water. Long legs, and a flat stomach. Cute, little, inny, of a belly-button. All of me, for anyone who cared to take a peek out their window, or walk by, drive-by, scooter-by...Oh, No!

SOOOooo embarrassing, shameful (as opposed to, "shameless")

..Pete, as quick and
swift and as hard as he could, gave my bare fanny, two more SMACKS!----SPANK, SPANK!----for GOOD LUCK, and Bon Voyage!!

By this
time, my ass was past scarlet [and, I was soon to be, "GONE WITH THE WIND"] This final spanking, in the doorway ---with, God knows, who watching every butt-smack---was the one that pushed me right across the threshold, and onto the porch. I let out a yelp, I'm sure, the entire block could hear. THEN without any further ado, Pete closed the door behind me, and locked it with a flip of the latch--[CLICK!].

soon as the door was closed, I turned right around, with my bare-ass facing the street, and started pounding on the front door, shouting, "PETE..PETE...OPEN THE DOOR..SOMEONE'S GONNA SEE ME..PLEASE, PETE..I'M SORRY..I"M SO EMBARRASSED..OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!..PLEASE..RIGHT NOW, PETE!"

I couldn't take the anger out of my
rebelliousness..Nude! My red sore..He spanked me..right out the door..Oh, "OPEN THE DOOR!!".

Pete responded by turning "ON"
the porch light. My nudity was now fully exposed..fully revealed..under bright lights. In a flash---literally!---I ran off of the porch.

All I could think of was ESCAPE..ESCAPE..[Exactly as it was, in the backyard, when I woke up in the chaise, on my tummy, with a Sunburn on my butt & back, and ran towards the basement doors..bent over, to pull them open, and the door slipped out of my hand..waking up the Carpenter kid, next store..who gazed over at my rosy bottom....Yes, no going back now. Only forward].

Escape! I ran off that front porch, scampering out
from under the lights, with my red bottom, glowing there, in the front yard and along the side of the house. I, with embarrassment and a butt blazing, crimson, for ALL TO SEE. I must have been quite a sight for anyone who cared to take a peek. Bare feet, across the lawn and into the side-yard..running for the back door with my short hairs, tingling; my skin getting goose flesh, and face, so heated, in blush...backside, to match!

When I reached the back door, the light went "OFF"..and,
the door was locked. Now, my only hope, was the backyard basement doors. I ran, desperate..NUDE IN PUBLIC...INDECENT...LEWD..into the backyard, and faced the culmination of all my guilt, and MY punishment...ALL..ALL of one quick FALL, and a SPLASH!

thought the use of the kiddie pool (provided, by Mrs. Murphy) and the mud would highlight the fact that I had sat in the dirt and pulled the weeds; cleaving my crack, and exposing my anus..along with the dirt that covered my ass cheeks, in the process [my backyard misbehavior, included, trimming a bush, and pulling up some weeds, while wearing my black mini-skirt, without panties. How was I to know, that the Carpenter Kid was sleeping through it all...I wanted him to see me..I admit it. It was like "YOU SHOW ME YOURS..I'LL SHOW YOU MINE"...I was angry with Pete, for staying in the City overnight..working late..The Kid next door, exercising in his room, naked..those Jumping Jacks..Knee bends..The shade going up!..He got me all hot, and bothered..I was reciprocating, that's all..] Afterward, after I'd bent over, wiggling my ass, pulling up weeds and throwing them over my shoulder, I got the garden hose, and washed myself off. The, mud filled, Kiddie pool, was also highlighting the "DIRTY" aspect of what I'd done in the backyard (Super-XX-rated, as it was!)

The set-piece of my Punishment was a
sort of review of the previous afternoon, in reverse:

from the bath, smelling of Rose petals and now, quite suddenly, I was mud-covered. I tripped and fell into this little trap, this plastic pool, with a buffed moan of defeat. My bare breasts and hair, dripping, in warm mud. I was revealed completely in my actions:

And, all of this was spilling into my
consciousness, as I continued to wallow on my stomach, ass in the air...not caring anymore, resigned. Slippery when wet! Sprawled, in the pool, on my tummy, I gave up all pretensions to rebelliousness. The punishment was long overdue. Now, I was finally paying the price.

The night was humid, and hot. Not a leaf was
stirring. All was still. The yard, became a small patch of pitch darkness, in a Universe overturned. My body, bottom's up, became a sort-of Moral Imperative in seeing Justice done. The sides, and the bottom of the pool were slippery, and the pool itself, seemed a perfect fit. I tried to raise myself up from the pool, and found myself slipping right back down again. I couldn't get a firm footing no matter how hard I tried. I was soaking wet, to begin with, and the mud was only adding to my predicament. It was a "Bad-Girl-Case"of total immersion; splish-splash, down I went, smack-dab upon my muddy, face, covered now, in mud; dripping, from each eyelash and the hair on my head. My bare feet, dirty as ever..sloshing, as I fall once again, up-ended, with both legs spread...wide, shame-faced, Paula, getting down in the mud...both, red cheeks, muddy and warm; muddy and sore!

I give up, I
thought to myself, as I tried to lift myself up. once again, No use even trying to get out of the pool... and then, turned over onto my back. The feel of the warm mud, upon my rosy bottom, felt nice (especially, after the spanking I'd received). Then, if all this weren't enough exposure, Mrs. Murphy, from next-store, turned on her backyard lights!

I quickly
looked over to the Carpenter's house, and saw a kitchen light go out and a curtain being pulled back as if someone were peeking out the window. Well, well..looks like BOTH SIDES, were watching. Well, if Mrs. Carpenter wanted to call the Police, now was her chance. She was probably so shocked at what she was witnessing she couldn't move from the window.

Fully exposed, once again, in the
backyard. Only this time, I'd gotten a proper comeuppance. There was no hiding the fact now. Everything was right out there, in the open:

1969, and newly married two weeks ago! My two neighbors were catching me with more than my pants down. Truth to tell:

I felt nothing now, but a red-faced
shame; which was, thankfully, covered in mud. I had to do something. At all costs, I had to keep my dignity.And so, as if to highlight my predicament, and join in the recognition of a just punishment, I let go -- of everything:

I spread my legs out, as far as I could;
spread them, with my hands on my butt, peeling back my butt-crack, and lifted myself up, upon both knees, exposing my open pussy and perineum, for the Carpenter's eyes only! ..I know they were watching, just know it. Well, let 'em see!

I swished and swayed in
the pool; covering my bottom with my muddy hands; running my hands over my bare breasts.. both nipples, between each finger, being tweaked. Then, turning over on my stomach, and lifting my ass up from the center of the pool, I flashed a muddy "MOON" at the people next store. [There was still a bit of taunt in me, I know, but I couldn't help myself.] I stretched out and lifted my ass high; both buttocks, gleaming, in the half-light of Mrs. Murphy's backyard.

[I awaited the
sound of sirens and the clasp of a pair of hand-cuffs upon each wrist and being dragged off to the Police Station, bare-ass naked where, (I'm sure), I'd sit on a cold, metal bench, wrapped in a blanket; cold metal, biting my sore bottom, caked in nude body, brown in dried mud; flakes falling to the floor, as I scrunch on the bench; a muddy, beet-red, ass...Feeling foolish, as I wait to be processed and jailed and fined for my naughty
escapades...Standing in front of the Judge, bare-bottomed, in a police-issued tee-shirt, barely covering my rosy ass!]

...All my worries, were for naught.


My troubles were behind me now.

I stretched
out, not caring..feeling kinda naughty still, if the truth be told...I was getting kinda hot, there in the pool. The mud was caressing my private parts, also...geez!..oops..I was kind of tingly, all-over..

Seems that, I was ashamed, and sorry...and HOT, HOT, all
at once; commingling with my shame there was a definite naughty streak coursing through my blood...ohhhAAaaaahhh...I never felt so Good, or Bad, or I turned and presented myself, exposed a naughty-nude-Model in a Men's Magazine, spreading shamelessly...butt upthrust, with the asshole, pink and puckered, for the camera {CLICK!..CLICK!}

I splashed my face with the warm mud. I ran my
hands over my ass, pushing the mud up into my ass-crack; and then, taking my hands away, and lifting my ass in the air, and blowing Mrs. Murphy a kiss, as I shake my muddy hole at the Carpenter's; and, Mrs. Murphy comes out into the yard, and stands, with both hands planted on her hips; gazing at me sternly, but showing the beginnings of a smile also...Naughty, Naughty, Paula..Here goes!

I wanted to be covered
completely..Oh, Mrs. Murphy, I'm sorry...I'm so wet. I reached back with my hand, salty tears streaming now, and put my head down...I couldn't look at Mrs. Murphy. I felt a shame so deep. I wanted to crawl beneath a rock; or, spank my OWN bare fanny with a bush-branch; with one of the bush-branches I clipped, while bending over, showing-off my asshole: Raising my backside up now, raising it as high as I can, while spreading my legs... Mrs. Murphy, stunned and (YES!), amused, by my naughtiness, my raunchiness.

Salty tears, and I reach back my

SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..Spank, across each, parted..asshole puckering, as I let Mrs. Murphy watch on; knowing she saw everything in the yard...everything I did...Even when I'd unclasped the mini-skirt, and turned over, onto my stomach and fell asleep, she knew. She let me sleep, and didn't call the Police. As I slept on, and she could see my two buttocks, turning pink, in the noonday sun. She saw it all, as my bare bottom, my warm fanny, got red, and sore. Sunburned, and beet-red. I gave my muddy butt one more, hard, spank; then, turned over, onto my back, supine, and spread my legs, again.

Pete, appeared out of nowhere, holding a
big bath-towel in his hands. When I saw him, I started to cry all over again, and quickly brought my knees together. I'd gotten a little out of hand, and now, all I could do was lay there, mud-covered, and pray he didn't see me, spreading my legs, and pushing mud into my ass-crack...or, giving myself a spanking, for that matter.

Pete walked
over and covered my shoulders and breasts with the towel. I looked up at him, all doe-eyes, and all I could think of was:

He's still here.
He's still with me, after all I did. He must know everything..Flashing the next-store-neighbor's Son...getting nude, in the backyard..hiding my Sunburn..everything! And yet, he's still here; lifting me in his arms, with his two, strong hands, clasping me, under each knee....a hand on my back, supporting me..supporting me..because he cares; because, he loves me.



Lil Bit said...

Mud in the butt sounds like the making of a new song. LOL ;)

Glad she gave the n'bors the show they were looking for! =)

sinfullyanon said...

Lil Bit:
If I were to write that song..
I Imagine it would a good one to hand over to Puddle of Mud! [They could use a good, new song, aye?]...

..jus' saying. I a Cali-boy still.


sinfullyanon said...


drat! typo, again!

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