Monday, December 22, 2008

Paula's Story [Part Four]:

As I look back at this now, it seems to me, all of the objects that were revealed and hidden, in the house---the clothes,
tucked away in another room; the chaise lounge, placed, so wonderfully, in the reclined-position, atop, the bed!; the fact that Pete sat upon the "Love Seat"; the cool bath, with it's cooling waters; the absence of towels; the mirror, (revealing my, naked, two-toned epidermis, [wherein one side was pale, the other, quite crimson]; the absence, once again, of a robe to cover myself; and, finally, the lights, turned up full, in the bedroom (Only now, remembering that the shades were up on
the windows, and the Carpenter's could have seen ME, as I scurried around the bedroom, in the all-together [that would be, Butt-Naked], looking for my missing clothes---getting exercise, just like their son, who I'd got a good peek at the night before my "bare-bottom gardening & Chaise Lounge-nude sleepy-time high-noon")--Whew!

All of these things were "set"as symbols of my misbehavior; brought out into the full-light, and revealed to my own (over-excited) consciousness.

In their separate and dizzying parts I was quickly taking this in, along with each slow-motion-like slap of my bare feet upon the wood floor,...following, onward, into the full meaning I'd place upon this fall from grace--and, ultimately, pull me up sharp, with another and another, resounding smack, upon
my bottom. Pete's open palm was a quickened version of the high-noon eyes wide now, as we stood before the front door, the hall light shining down...held by the ear..and, another hard spank descending

And so, now that the clothes I had stripped off, and discarded, were hidden from reach, I was inescapably faced with my own nakedness...

...the awareness of my own nakedness, within a community which goes about covered, dressed, and clothed. Not to do so, of course, would be illegal [the Crime: Indecent Exposure/Lewd Behavior/Public Nudity], and something of which I should be Justly Punished.

I was clean from the tub. My skin, and hair, were shiny-wet.
My reddened backside, was stinging, with each full spank, from
Pete's open hand..using his palm, with swift and hard smacks, and putting emphasis upon each cheek, left and
cleave..CRACK!..SMACK!..SPANK! he marched me into the bright hallway.

Pete informed me afterward, long after midnight, as we
cuddled together that, "The spanking was not part of his plan: It was only when I had thrust my ass, outward, in close proximity to his hand, (the hand which held the sandal) he realized it was only just."

I admitted I had acted like a rebellious child, and Pete's response to my behavior was quite right. [There I was, showing him my rosy bottom; shaking, my bare ass-cheeks, right in front of him; and, plainly taunting him, with a glee that cannot be denied.]

(Thinking about the spectacle I'd made of myself, in all of this, I'm quite surprised Pete didn't just grab me, from around the waist and pull me over his knees, in order to spank my rosy bottom, good and proper-like.)

My wet skin from the bath was definitely part of the plan. [On the afternoon of my misbehavior I'd used the garden hose to wet down my tank-top. This, of course, was the prelude to my "Nude Sunbathing."]

Now, with my skin as wet as it was during my open-air shower, our living room was in a position to become representative/symbol of the backyard:

Once again, I was naked. Once again, I was, totally, wet. Once again, the sandals, the tank-top, and the Mini-Skirt, were all discarded, removed (this time, near the "Love Seat). Once again, I was nearing a doorway----only, this time, I wasn't making an escape from watchful eyes. This time, as my fanny became even more red than the day before, I was being lead by the arm, out into the external world of the street where we lived~~that's right (!), I was being thrust, into the world, naked again.

As I said earlier, Pete had cooked up my punishment so that it'd fit the crime. It was with this in mind, that there was ample justification for, once again, breaking the law against Indecent Exposure. It had to be PUBLIC. Without this, no lesson would be learned.

From now on there would be no more hiding; no more covering up.



dangergirl said...

Ohhhh, what a lovely story you are weaving :) I absolutely love it !!

Please hurry and finish the next chapter...pretty please.


Lil Bit said...

Ooooooooo --- thrust out into the world, bare.... oh my.

Really liking the feel of this story, hon... now onto Chapter 5. =)

sinfullyanon said...


I really am shameless.. I not?


Anonymous said...

YES, you are shameless !!!


tinaslut said...

Great story! ├Łou really know how to build up an athmosphere of excitement and use cliff-hangers for the best effect. Just can't wait to read more...


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