Thursday, December 18, 2008

Letter to Jennifer:


Dear Jennifer :

If you are reading these words then you've already read, "IN HER OWN WORDS." So.. I guess, you've found out just how naughty your Momma can be.

I don't know what came over me, possessed me, so. I can't explain it, even now. Sometimes, we do things, without thinking them through.

Remember, Jenn, you're never too old, to learn these kinds of lessons.

Things have become so "open," so free today..

I guess, that's what it's all about. People have always been a bit rebellious.. or, have had rebellious moments in their lives; they just want to do something HOT, or SHOCKING, or NAUGHTY, just to get a rise out of someone (or, maybe, they just want to have a bit of fun, and just get CARRIED AWAY.)

The moment comes--such paradise--and, then it's gone.

Live well. Think before you act. Use Sunscreen, for God's sake.

Also: Watch out for Cameras:

That darn, Mr. Carpenter, next store!!

Wouldn't you know it. His wife wasn't home, on the night I was spanked into the backyard, and fell in the mud-pool. He, [Mr. Carpenter] was at the window, with his Kodak, flashing away. He sent the pictures to Gallery Magazine, and they published them!!!

I was, in the 2nd. Issue, as "THE GIRL NEXT-STORE"---a new feature, which became very popular, (at least, according to you Father.)

I, for one, was completely mortified, embarrassed...and I wish that Pete would have taken me over his knee and just spanked me good & proper!!!

In any event, all's well, that ends well--(done!), as the BARD said.

I told Pete, to run out, and buy up every copy he could find. Mr. Carpenter, sent us the check for Seventy-Five Dollars, Gallery had paid him for those naughty photographs.

I probably shouldn't have, but I couldn't help enclosing the photos.

Take a good look, Jennifer:

The next time you get a hankering to go "Naked," (weather it's at a College frat party, or a Spring Break escapade----I've heard all sorts of stories lately) PROMISE me, you'll be a GOOD GIRL, and keep your clothes on!

If you fail at this, remember, dear heart, we'll still love you...yes, we will...BUT, you better expect to receive, from your NAUGHTY MOTHER, a very RED, and SORE, BARE BOTTOM!

It won't matter how old you are----I'll take you over my knee, and spank your, Beautiful, bare bottom, ever, ever, so GOOD and hard.

Like me, you'll use a pillow, as a cushion.. and, cold-cream as a balm, for your shamelessness.

What I promise you, (and I've made the same promise to Pete) is that you'll never see me in the backyard, or anywhere else, in the buff. If I fail in this PROMISE...I told Pete, he can take me across his knee, and give my bare backside a real spanking.

And so, that's where I leave this LETTER to you.

Darling, Jennifer.. I can hear you in the next room:

You're in your bedroom, getting ready, getting dressed to go out with your girlfriends. You got the tape-player going.. I like that song: "Oh Baby, I love your wayyyyaaaay.. every dayaaayaa..wanna tell you I love your wayyyaa..everydaaayaa..."

.. I always forget to ask you who the singer is.

I can see you, all grown up, getting out there in the world. I worry. I just know, you're going to hear stories ----God, what a small town breeds: TALK,TALK, TALK---and, I wanted to set the record straight. Just for you. I'll hand you this packet...and, hopefully, you'll forgive my naughtiness. I was shameless, but I was also punished. I love you, Jenny-girl.

Be careful, out there.


Your Mom...always.



Goddess Linda said...

For some reason, I find this hot! Hello, new to this blog, I am Goddess Linda! Come check out my blog.... the link should be here somewhere.... so, you like a little incest fantasy with those naughty photos, now, do you? (whew)

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