Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paula's Story~~PART SIX:

I stood there, my body, gleaming in mud, and turned myself around, facing Mrs. Murphy. As Pete set me, back on my feet, the towel had dropped away, leaving me naked, once again. I picked up the towel, and looking Mrs. Murphy, right in the eyes, I began to towel off my bare bottom. I removed all the now, without any doubt, she could plainly see the reddened condition of my backside...[Sunburn, Spanking, Sandals..all of it!] My rear-end was now clean of all mud.

Bare, as ever.

With my back facing her now, and Pete standing next to me, I cocked out my bottom, and bent over slightly. She let out a small gasp, when she saw the crimson shade of each buttock (a bit more rosy than a day ago.) Mrs. Murphy, let out a whoop of surprise as I bent over just a bit more, and she got a close-up view of my pink asshole..gleaming, wet, along the crack. I could feel her eyes upon me, burning a new hole uninhibited behavior, had just gone up a notch, right down to my toes; right into my
crotch...widened, and unafraid now. All cares were slowly slipping away as I planted each foot akimbo, and exposed my
perineum...vulva to anus, I was completely nude, for Mrs. Murphy's eyes!

Then, reaching back, with my own hand, I gave myself as hard a spanking as I could, counting to "TEN," as I did so. Pete, at first, was speechless; however, he soon found himself counting along with me. My voice, rose into the air, in pitch, with each sound slap.

When I got to "TEN," I rubbed my bottom with my hand, and then fell into Pete's arms. He held me close, as our mouths met; our lips heated, and pushing each other forward.

He reached down, holding my back, moving his hands downward. Cupping my butt, both buttocks, in his large hands, I felt nothing but safe, one left in the world...just the two of us.

I gazed over Pete's shoulder, and looked to The Carpenter's house. The window shade was still pulled back. Their lights were out. Someone was watching, for sure. Then, a small flash of
light and the window shade went down. [Later, I would find out that Mr. Carpenter, took some 8-by-10 glossies of my fall into the
mud..and, the aftermath.] Ohhhahh, Pete, continued to caress my fanny in his hands.

It was time for me to do something quick : either run down
stairs, and into the basement, or continue standing here, nude, in my clothed husband's arms..

..(Married two lonely, I was, at night..when you worked late, and stayed overnite, in the city. I was angry, and there was that Carpenter kid, next store; so buff, and nude, doing his exercises, and not caring who saw. That kid pulled up the shade, on purpose. He wanted me to see him. I know it. Well..It doesn'tmatter anymore..doesn't matter at all. I'm the one who was

wrong..hiding my naughtiness, my sore..Beet-red
bare-bottom..THAT's ME!)

I lean in, and whisper in Pete's ear:

"Hey, Pete..How 'bout one for GOOD LUCK?"

"Are you sure?"

"Of course..One for GOOD LUCK, and ONE FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR. I'll give you two more, as insurance against indecent exposure. I couldn't deserve anything less."

Pete continued to squeeze my backside, rubbing a little more vigorously, when I suggested two more spanks.

"What's going on, Kids?," Mrs. Murphy asked. Still watching.

"She says she wants ONE FOR GOOD LUCK and ONE FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR," Pete replied.

"Well, I fancy she won't sit for a week, even without the TWO more. I say, you better take her up on it."

"Are you sure that's reason enough?"

"Listen, Pete : She's already gotten her licks from the sun. And, even then, she went about hiding the fact, and suffering the pain. She thought nothing of NOT TAKING REPONSIBILITY for her actions. Her behavior,Pete, was shameless. She should be ashamed of herself..but I think she's still feeling sexy and sassy...naughty and loving it, I'd say..Her fanny could use a little more warming...just my long as you're asking. I say, give her what she wants! Spank those cheeks..good and proper!"

Then, Mrs. Murphy, for all of her tough talk, chuckled out loud. She stood, laughing eyes, giving the go-ahead.

"It's okay, Pete...go ahead...ONE FOR GOOD LUCK and ONE FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR," I told him,..

...and then, as quick as a cat, scutterling after its tail, I placed my legs, somewhat akimbo, and bent over slightly..just enough, for my rosy backdoor to reveal itself...visibly, puckering up, with anticipation..["Oh, Paula!," Mrs. Murphy, exclaimed, as loud as she could, "You're absolutely shameless....and, looking for a good fanny warming, I'd say. Oh, ...for shame, young lady!"]

"Well, I guess that's how it's gonna be. Okay, goes."

He brought his strong, large hand, backwards,
swinging in an arch, and then brought it home..SPANK!--right across both buttocks...hard."AAwwwwhhOOHHHH!"

I jumped forward, losing my footing, and sprawled onto the grass, ass up!.

"That's for GOOD BEHAVIOR!," he said.

He came up to me then, lifted me to my feet and took me in his arms. We kissed. I opened my mouth, taking in his soft, and sweet, playing there, with me. He reached down, with his back was facing Mrs. Murphy, and placed his warm palm, between my legs. He started to diddle my clit, rubbing in a circular motion, and giving it a tug..rubbing, then entering my pussy..index finger.."OOOhhhAAhhhwwwwOOOHHHhh".

He rested then, placing his palm into my crotch..cupping my sex, in his warm...holding it there, as we kissed. I couldn't help getting wet. Oh, God...I'm so HOT!...Oh, I'm going to cum..just know it..(Pete, I want your cock...) "Are you ready,

I bent over, far this time, exposing my pussy and asshole..I didn't
care. Mrs. Murphy could see it all now..I was in 7th. Heaven..And,
still, managed to learn my lesson..because, I was so lost in my self,
I'd "FALLEN" so far, I didn't see the coming spank when it
arrived. I was so Hot, so stimulated, that when I bent over..I wasn't thinking. The target was exposed, and ready!!(God! I'm coming...!)


I sprawled forward; shooting pain, mixed with a rolling orgasm..upon my asshole; both,ass-cheeks blazing!

There I was, on the backlawn, with my ass in the air,~~ butt-high and burning~~ and I could'nt be more open. The orgasm was beginning (Pete got me all hot and bothered!), and there was no turning it off. I rolled onto my back and lifted my legs into the air. I grabbed each butt-cheek, by the hands, and spread out my long legs. Pete came up to me and I rolled over onto my tummy again. I got up, on my knees, and presented my hind-end, for his inspection..I didn't care anymore.

Before picking me up, by the ear, Pete gave my bare bottom ONE MORE, hard, spank...dead-center, across my swollen backside. ("That's it, Pete!," called our nieghbor, "Looks like you got just what you wanted, Paula..Bless my Irish soul, you're gonna need a pillow to sit with!"~~She was chuckling up a storm now, watching with a knowing twinkle in her eyes. )

My face felt as hot as a Winter Furnace...embarassed, now, beyond telling, my eyes fell to the basement doors. I'd gone a bit too far and, there was no blaming Pete for the spanking me proper...

"That one," Pete said, "was for NO-MORE-NAUGHTINESS."

He lifted me, holding my earlobe, between his fingers...he spanked my bottom, three more time, quick. "THAT'S FOR MRS. MURPHY..WHO I'M SURE WOULD LIKE TO GET HER SPANKS IN TOO."

...His open palm fell hard..left cheek, right cheek, center-cleave!...

I bowed my head, so embarrassed, now.

Just before I scampered down the basement stairs, Pete gave my bare more.."That's for being way-too comfortable in your out-door nudity!"

"AAAhhhOhhhhh"!...(That one hurt:..Bad!)


Well..I'd gotten exactly what I asked for,and then some. After a while Pete joined me upstairs, where he found me lying upon my stomach, still nude...and, waiting for him. I'd taken a shower, and washed away all the mud; no longer dirty, only red and it should be, I suppose, for all my misbehavior.

My cute bubble-butt was a patchwork of crimson. Pete got out some cold-cream, and massaged, gently.

Our lovely, Jennifer, was born 9 months later; conceived that night (after much talk and, much love-making. My hot exploits would not be repeated. Mrs. Murphy, still, after 2 years,
refers to me as, "EVE."

This concludes, the story of my Fall. Yes, it is Paradise, as Marianne Moore so rightly put it. Sometimes, we just
can't escape our comeuppance..we can't hide the truth, or the
facts..bare, as they are.

This story is a lesson for my daughter, JEN.

(Next: a letter to Jennifer)


Nixy Valentine said...

Oh wow that was naughtily delicious!

Lil Bit said...

... and Jennifer born 9 mths later! -- lol, the best capper to THAT story.

Awaiting the letter to Jen.

Fabulous series you have going here, s/h. =)

sinfullyanon said...

~Nixy~Thanks, for dropping in. Your stories are great. I'm glad you enjoyed this.

Lil Bit: You're super!
Remember that. xx

dangergirl said...

What a grand and hot, so to speak, ending.

Perfect, just perfect.

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